齐乐娱乐 - 【言谈录】人有没有可能活得没有一丝冲突的阴影?



We have come to a crisis in the world. The crisis is not merely economic; rather it is psychological. We have lived on this earth for over a million years and, during that long period of time, we have passed through every kind of catastrophe, every kind of war.


Civilizations have disappeared; so have cultures that shaped the behaviour of human beings. We have had a great many leaders, political and religious, with all the tricks that they have played on human beings. And after this enormous evolution of the human brain, we are what we have been— rather primitive, barbarous, cruel, and always preparing for war. Every nation now is storing up armaments. And we human beings are caught in this wheel of time. We have not changed very much; we are still barbarians, with all kinds of superstitions and beliefs. At the end of it all, where are we?


Please, we are talking over things together. It is not that the speaker is explaining all this; it is so obvious. You and the speaker are together examining very carefully, diligently, what we have become, what we are. And we ask: Will time change us? Will time, that is, another fifty thousand or a million years change the human mind, the human brain? Or is time not important at all? We are going to talk about all these things.


Human beings are wounded psychologically. Human beings throughout the world are caught in great sorrow, pain, suffering, loneliness, and despair. And the brain has created the most extraordinary things, ideologically, technologically, religiously. The brain is extraordinarily capable. But that capacity is very limited. Technologically we are advancing at an extraordinary speed. But psychologically, inwardly, we are very primitive, barbarous, cruel, thoughtless, careless, and indifferent to what is happening. 


We are indifferent not only to the corruption that goes on environmentally but also to the corruption that goes on in the name of religion, in the name of politics, business, and so on. Corruption is not just passing money under the table or smuggling goods into the country. Corruption begins where there is self-interest. Where there is self-interest, that is the origin of corruption.


So we first begin with what our brain is. The speaker is not a brain specialist, but he has talked with brain specialists. The brain, which is inside the skull, is a most extraordinary instrument. It has acquired tremendous knowledge about almost everything. It has invented the most incredible things like the computer, the means of quick communication, and instruments of war. And here it is entirely free to investigate, invent, research. It starts with knowledge, and accumulates more and more knowledge. If a certain theory does not work, it is dropped. But the brain is not equally free to inquire into the self. It is conditioned, shaped, programmed—to be a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, and so on.


Like a computer, the human brain is programmed—that you must have war, that you belong to a certain group, that your roots are in this part of the world, and so on. This is correct; this is not an exaggeration. All of us are programmed by tradition, by the constant repetition in newspapers and magazines, by thousands of years of pressure. The brain is free in one direction: in the world of technology. But that very brain, which is so extraordinarily capable, is limited by its own self-interest. Our brain, which is amazingly free in one direction, is psychologically a cripple.


Is it possible for the human brain to be entirely free so that there is tremendous energy?—not to do more mischief, not to have more money, or power— though you must have money—but to inquire, to find out a way of life in which there is no fear, no loneliness, and no sorrow, and to inquire into the nature of death, meditation, and truth. Is it possible for the human brain, which has been conditioned for thousands of years, to be entirely free? Or must human beings everlastingly be slaves, never knowing what freedom is?—not freedom in the abstract but freedom from conflict, because we live in conflict.


One fact common to all human beings—from childhood till they die—is this constant struggle, seeking security and therefore never finding it, or being insecure, wanting security. So is it possible for human beings in the modern world with all its complexities to live without a shadow of conflict? Because conflict distorts the brain, lessens its capacity, its energy, and the brain soon wears itself out. You can observe in yourself as you grow older this perpetual conflict.


What is conflict? Please do not wait for me to answer it; that is no fun at all. Ask yourself that question, and give your mind to find out what is the nature of conflict. Conflict exists, surely, when there is duality: ‘me’ and ‘you’, my wife separate from me, the division between the meditator and meditation. So, as long as there is division between nationalities, between religions, between people, between the ideal and the fact, between ‘what is’ and ‘what should be’, there must be conflict. That is a law. Wherever there is separation, the sense of division as the Arab and the Jew, the Hindu and the Muslim, the son and the father, and so on, there must be conflict. That is a fact. 


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